Sheena Bailie

Sheena Bailie is a vocal artist and songwriter. She has had a passion for singing, creating music and performing for the last 15 years.


Sheena Bailie has an upcoming album titled "This Is Me" set to debut . The album was written by Sheena Bailie. It has an Urban Pop feel with a range between exciting Up Tempo to Hip Hop and Pop.

Sheena Bailie was raised in Kelowna, a small city in Western Canada. Her passion for song writing and music all started at the age of 13 when she co-wrote a song with a friend. From then on, she knew creating and writing lyrics and lyrical melodies was going to be an important part of her life.

Sheena is skilled in writing catchy lyrics for mainstream radio and is seeking the opportunity to collaborate and partner with artists and producers to create music.  


Key Milestones:

- At the age of 16 Sheena wrote and recorded her first song “Say.”

- After continuing with musicals and performances, Sheena attended a convention based out of Orlando. This convention provided Sheena with contacts that led to travel to LA. Allowing Sheena to build her network and meet with people within the music industry.

- During her time in LA and through a meeting with Capitol Records. Sheena meet with producers Roy Hamilton lll and Raphael Hamilton (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, NSYNC).

- In 2006, the partnership with Roy Hamilton let to the creation of “You Know You Want It.”

- In 2015 Sheena partnered with Raphael Hamilton to write 10 songs including:

 “Cause I Love Ya”

 “You and Me.”

“Tonight’s the Night”

- In 2017 Sheena partnered with Roy Hamilton to write and record additional songs including "Alright"





Photographer: Teaghan McGinnis

Musician: Sheena Bailie